Thanks for attending Cosmico! See you next year!

Our Cosmico Journey


Feel joy

Be moved

Follow what moves you,

for it leads you to meaning

Meaning brings joy

Everything with love.

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Pay It Forward

We set our intention to give back to our community, artists and creators. Cosmico is operated as a non-profit festival, your support makes it possible to gather in celebration and pay it forward to up and coming artists, independent winemakers, chefs and artisans, and grassroots community organizations. 

Cosmico is a project of The Launch Pad Foundation, Our purpose is to share live music with our community, create an immersive experience that deepens our connections and thrills the senses, through which we give back to our community

Cosmico has been raising funds for our community for 5+ years, raising over $50,000 and making donations to grass roots organizations that reflect our mission to strengthen our community. Examples of these include: Mill Creek COPE, Voices for a Safer Tennessee, Good Fire, and Scholarship for Children of Vineyard Workers.

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Back Story

Cosmico is produced by the Launch Pad Foundation, with a mission to share live music with our community, giving us a chance to create an immersive experience that deepens our connections, gives back to our community, and thrills the senses.

Cosmico presents music throughout the year and at our main show in May. Since 2018, we've been bringing the music and the fun. Past artists have included Tim Bluhm, Duane Betts, Johnny Strachella, Hijos Del Trópico, Cordovas, Andrew Duhon Trio, Aardvark, and the Coffis Brothers. Cosmico is a community event  and has been supported by wine and food partners including: Quail and Condor, Liza Shaw, Sage, Reeve Wines, Bloodroot, Ami Ami, Ryme Cellars, Lioco, Sebastien Wines, Marietta, and Rock Juice.

The Launch Pad Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) founded by Chris Schultz and Anne Driscoll to strengthen communities through entrepreneurship and the arts. Over the last ten years we've built compelling programs supporting entrepreneurs at all stages including scholarships and mentorship for underepresented entrepreneurs (Stockton, Newark, New Orleans, Nashville & Memphis), startup conferences and content (TribeCon, Launch Fest, Collision, Ecosystem Summit) and most recently fiscal sponsorship for independent music festivals (Horseshoe Music Festival). Our work has helped startups and small businesses create 9000 jobs, raise $230MM in capital, and grow to 1.15MM sq ft in leases by graduates.

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1. First Believers

At the beginning of anything, there are plenty of people who will tell you “no.” We take pride in being the first believer of the people and projects we support.

2. No Strings Attached

Grant programs often are so overbearing, the money isn’t worth the headache. Not us, once we commit to you, we have faith you will do your best.

3. Grass Roots

We believe in bottom-up community building. We support the smallest projects at the earliest stage that bubble up in a community. Make your way up the ladder, and then reach back and lend a hand.

4. Community First

Community is the fabric that keeps us connected. Building community happens when we create emotional connections with one another through the arts, music, food, & entrepreneurship.